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  • Professional Roofing in Milton Keynes

    We offer a full range of roofing services in the local area

  • Professional Roofing in Milton Keynes

    We offer a full ranging of roofing services in the local area

Milton Keynes Roofing Services

We offer a wide range of professional services

Roof Repair

We can fix or replace broken roof tiles and deal with roof leaks, whatever the cause.

New Roofing

We can deal with large projects such as roof replacements. Sometimes a new roof is needed.

Roof Cleaning

Roofing cleaning is another string to our bow and something we can do for you.

Flat Roofing

Flat Roofs take extra attention to ensure they are water-tight. We have the experience you need.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Repairs

Keeping your gutters clear is an essential part of home maintenance and helps to prevent damp.


Working with good people

I was very impressed with the service I received. I needed a quick fix to a leak that had causes some damage and I was able to arrange this with Milton Keynes Roofing

Jerry BlattBletchley

My new roof looks beautiful, thank you so much for the hard work and the great result!

Cheryl WiseBradwell

My new house was in need of a lot of attention, the roof was cleaned, the gutters cleared and several broken tiles replaced. I recommend Milton Keynes Roofing to anyone, they were a pleasure to deal with.

Richard McMahonNewport Pagnell

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Our Services

Milton Keynes Roof Repair

Winter season in Milton Keynes is usually accompanied by mending of roofs due to the elements such as wind and rain. Houses which have not been properly maintained over the years are at a risk of having leaky roofs and will require immediate repair so as not to destroy valuable assets in the house. Managing a leaky roof by putting a bucket underneath is not recommended as the roof material will continue to wear and be destroyed further. The technician should be called upon to fix the roof so as to protect lives and property. Milton Keynes Roofing specialise in fixing different types of roofs such as roof flashing, metal roofs, shingle roofs and flat roofs. We are also available for emergency situations where you notice that that your roof is leaking when it rains. You can reach out to us to us by calling our phone number and we will be ready to fix your roof quickly. You can also complete our contact form and we will provide a free estimation of the cost of fixing your roof.

We are seasoned roofing contractors and are always at your service. We can fix the problems of commercial roofing and private buildings.

Milton Keynes Roof Replacement

Every material has a life span irrespective of the maintenance that has been done to maximise its longevity. Roofs are no exception and will have to be replaced at a particular time and that is where we come in. An experienced roofing contractor must be contacted so as to provide expert advice and also help to construct a roof that will be up to international standards.

We understand the need to get the best roof repair service with the urge to surf the internet and also ask friends for the best roofing contractors in town.

We will attend to your needs wherever you reside in the Milton Keynes area and even provide a good estimate of the cost of replacing your roof. We have a lot of customers in Milton Keynes who can attest to our expertise. Replacing a roof is not a minor venture but one that requires the service of roofing experts.

We handle major commercial roofing jobs of industrial facilities and commercial buildings. You can reach us immediately to get an estimate for roof replacement of private and commercial roofing.

Milton Keynes Roof Cleaning

Roofs which do not get sufficient sunshine are susceptible to attack by fungi in various forms such as lichen, mildew and moss. Moss removal of roofs can increase the service life of your roof which will mean that you will save more money by not replacing your roof so regularly. To combat moss growth from destroying the service life of the roof, zinc strips can be mounted around the pinnacle of the roof to supress growth.

There are various ways to maintain a roof such as pressure washing which involves spraying water under high pressure to remove moss or using chemicals. Soft washing, which is preferable, is often used to maintain roofing because it reduces the risk of roofs being destroyed by high pressure.

One has to be careful when dealing with asbestos materials because of its carcinogenic nature. This type of roof will require experts to clean it to avoid dangerous materials being released into the atmosphere.

Roof cleaning can be a messy job so it is wise to cover patios and other areas with plastic sheeting before commencing a clean job.  A thorough clean up should always be an agreed part of any work like this.

After cleaning we can provide roof sealant. We always aim to be the premier roofing contractors in Milton Keynes.

Milton Keynes Gutter Repairs

You will save money by repairing your gutters instead of installing new ones.  Often leaky gutters can be fixed to save you money.

Our company offers roof maintenance, roof construction, gutter maintenance and construction services.  With years of experience we are a trusted local choice to carry out this type of work.

Milton Keynes Flat Roofing

We have been involved in maintenance and construction of flat roofs for a very long time. This experience helps us provide confident solutions to various problems associated with flat roofs.

Protecting your flat roof by water-proof sealing is very germane so it is good to employ the services of a registered and experienced roofing contractor to undertake this task. We can provide the right personnel to undertake this task so that you are rest assured of quality.

Where ever you are in the Milton Keynes area as we will happily be your flat roofing experts.

Milton Keynes Gutter Cleaning

There should always be a clear channel for rainwater to pass through notwithstanding the type of roof you have. Clearing of blockages in gutters is a key home maintenance task – it will help prevent damp.

The way we do it here is without use of ladders.  We employ a vacuum system with a high-reach nozzle that can be used up to 3 stories.  It is safer and, actually, more effective than the old way and allows us to clean inaccessible areas like alleys, extensions and corners above conservatories. It is good to employ the services of an expert to clean the gutters so as to ensure safety too.

Milton Keynes Roofing are your local roofing specialists. Contact our company for a free estimate of your roofing repairs.

Milton Keynes Roofing Pledge

Our reputation and rich portfolio over the years has endeared us to local residents of Milton Keynes. We have carried out roof maintenance and construction over many years and are still offering first-class services in the area. We cater to a wide range of clients including private home owners, commercial and industrial facilities.

Please visit our website and search for “roof carpenter” or “roofers near me” to get the best roofers to attend to your roofing needs.


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